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Get the look that no one else can give you... your own face back - naturally.
Faces by Dr. Anna - Acupuncture Face Lift and Neck Lift
Life droopy eyelids, erase frownlines, redefine cheekbones, soften smile lines, sculpt jawline, tighten chin muscles
Dr. Anna L. Baker is a Board Certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Enjoy wellness and beauty during a relaxing getaway to beautiful Sarasota.
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Faces by Dr. Anna clients

Acupuncture in your 40's

"I was having lunch with a good friend of mine and kept commenting on how great she looked. I finally asked her if she had done anything recently. She told me she had had acupuncture facelifts. The best part was that they were non-surgical, meaning no down time required. That was key for a busy homemaker with children! Since going to Dr. Anna my eyes look brighter, my face feels tighter and I feel so much more energized. Thanks, Dr. Anna!"

Annette Martin
Age: 40
Occupation: CEO of the Martin Family

Acupuncture face lift in your 40's

"I was looking into plastic surgery when my hairstylist told me how happy she had been with the acupuncture facelift treatments she had been having at Faces by Dr. Anna. After my first visit I was hooked! I could actually feel the muscles in my face tighten and pull back. I also have the vitality I had when I was much younger! I am so glad that I could look younger and feel healthier the natural way!"

Cheryl Mase
Age: 44
Occupation: Licensed Massage Therapist and Part-Time Flight Attendant for American Airlines

Acupuncture neck lift in your 60's

"I was looking for a non-invasive treatment that would really produce a visible difference. Thus, the ads for Faces by Anna piqued my interest. I responded to the offer of a free consultation. What did I have to lose? I was very impressed with Dr. Anna's methodical documentation and straightforward explanation. After-treatment pictures were not touched up nor taken in a more flattering manner. My own pictures, which were started the day of the consultation, showed considerable change as the treatments progressed."

Phyllis S. Myers, Ph.D.
Age: 61
Occupation:  Professor Emeritus, Virginia Commonwealth University

Acupuncture in your 70's

"I was starting to have a tired appearance. I wanted to do something but didn't want to have a plastic surgery look. With Dr. Anna's technique I look rested and natural. The very first treatment I could see a difference. Even my ear lobes look better! I will be with Dr. Anna for a long time."

Beverly Katzenberger, RN
Age: 71
Occupation: Owner, A Lash Above

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